The Speech Wizard Apps

The Speech Wizard Apps

Articulation With The Speech Wizard- $39.99

Articulation With The Speech Wizard

Articulation With The Speech Wizard is helping children around the world to improve their speech clarity.  It provides 3 different levels of activities including:  Sound Discrimination, Word Productions, and Phrase & Sentences Productions.  It also was made using a child actress because we know that children respond better to a child’s voice as their model.  We also included a Sound Development Age Chart to help select appropriate sounds (phonemes) to practice.  This app also includes two activities in Level 1, Sound Discrimination because we know and value the importance of phoneme awareness before attempting to go straight into speech production.


Sounds With The Speech Wizard- $6.99

Sounds With The Speech Wizard App

Sounds With The Speech Wizard App is an app for improving listening skills that are essential for acquiring better speech productions and speech clarity.  The app includes 3 different sound discrimination activities to keep users motivated and engaged.  It is also a fun way to teach children how to answer Yes/No questions.


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