Welcome to The Speech Wizard!

Welcome to The Speech Wizard!


We provide a successful and exciting approach to speech and language therapy through technology. We offer the highest quality and most effective speech and language therapy apps on the market.

The Speech Wizard consists of a wide range of mobile applications for speech and language therapy developed for the iPads and iPhone.  Our apps will soon be available for Android.

We intend to provide speech and language apps to benefit as many children, families, speech-language pathologists, and teachers as possible. We created our own apps when we could not find everything we needed in the apps used in the past for speech therapy.  We use The Speech Wizard apps in our own therapy sessions daily, with outstanding results.


Articulation With The Speech Wizard

Articulation With The Speech Wizard- $39.99

Articulation with The Speech Wizard app is an innovative speech therapy tool to help children develop their articulation skills. This app includes: sound discrimination activities, flashcards, consonant blends, word, phrase, & sentence levels, data tracking, and a record button.


artic screenshot landing pageartic screenshot sentencesartic screenshot sound hunt






Articulation With The Speech Wizard

Sounds With The Speech Wizard – $6.99

Sounds with The Speech Wizard app was created to increase your child’s sound recognition and listening skills through fun and engaging sound discrimination activities. This app was designed for speech therapists, parents and teachers who are looking to expand children’s listening skills and sound discrimination skills. This app is intending for children ages 2-8 years old.


What Do You Hear- Activity 1

Match The Sound- Activity 2

What's That Sound- Activity 3


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