Multiple Ways for Using a Free App for Speech Therapy

Multiple Ways for Using a Free App for Speech Therapy


One App that I use for many speech therapy skills is My PlayHome.  There is a Lite version which is great so you can “try it before you buy it”.
This app can be used for so many skills including: Spatial Concepts, Following Directions, Articulation, Receptive and Expressive Language Skills…And More!!!

For the Lite Version that is Free, the app allows you to have access to a family in a living room and a kitchen.  When you purchase the app it includes additional rooms including a master bedroom, kids bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closet, and an outside yard.

Here are some examples of how I use this app with just the Lite version:

Spatial Concepts

In each room/scene you can ask to place certain characters on, off, next to, behind, in front, in and out.  For example, “Okay, it’s your turn to put apple “on” the table.”  Another example is “Put the baby next to the chair”.

Following Directions
Following one to multiple step directions.  One example for following multiple step directions is “Close the curtains in the living room, go to the kitchen and put the frying pan on the stove.”  If the child is unable to do this you may demonstrate it and ask for them to try it again.  Another option if they were unable to accurately complete this task is to begin teaching strategies for following directions.  A strategy for this could be asking the child to try to count how many steps were given, and then have them count out the steps as they are completing the task to help ensure they have completed each step.

Practicing articulation or speech clarity skills can be addressed by having the child name certain objects that target their speech sounds that you want to remediate in the scenes.  Some ideas for a child that needs to practice the /k/ sound may be some of the following:
1.  “What is sleeping behind the curtain?  That’s right.  It is a cat.”  Nice /k/ sound on “cat”.
2.  “I see an apple, a vase with a flower, and what else is on the table?”  You’re right again.  It is a book.  Good job.”
3.  “Oh, what room are we in now? Yes we are in the kitchen.  I really like how you said kitchen using your good /k/ sound.”

Receptive Language Skills-
1.  Find something in this room that is green and you can take a bite out of and/or give it to a specific character.
2.  Show me something that melts, then something that sizzles, something that is round, etc.

Expressive Language Skills-
1.  What kind of drinks do you like?
2.  Do you have any pets?
3.  How many people live in your house?
4.  How many apples are there?

Teapot, frying pan, fried egg, yolk, stove, oven, faucet, planter, popsicle, cupboard, window, picture frame, vase, carpet, rug, curtains, fish tank, aquarium, ottoman, coffee table, furniture, etc.

Auditory Processing-
1.  What do you do with a picture?  Fold it or hang it?
2.  What do you do with a blanket?
3.  Why do people have fish tanks?


Hope this helps!




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